Pupil Voice

Maths Survey Findings 2019

In February, Miss Brown asked all of the children in Otters, Lions and Eagles to tell her what they thought about Maths, in case there were things we could do to improve it at St Mary’s. Children were overwhelmingly positive about Maths – with a notable increase in the number of girls who felt this was one of their favourite subjects now.
A short summary of the findings can be downloaded above.

From time to time, Governors also carry out questionnaires with children across the school to see what they think about St Mary’s.  This is what they found out in the most recent survey.
% Definitely Yes or Yes
Are you happy at school? 84
Do you feel safe at school? 79
Do you think you are getting better at work in class? 87
Do adults and children look after you well at school? 92
Do you think lessons are good and help you to learn 86
Do you get the right sort of homework every week? 79
Do you think adults help children to be well behaved? 87
Does any bullying get sorted out by adults and children in the school? 86
Do you think Mrs Brown and Mrs Brewer help to make things better for you? 86
Do adults listen to you when you have a problem? 82
Do you know how you are getting on in lessons? 84
Do you think other children should come to this school? 92


We were initially concerned about the “Do you feel safe” response.  Further discussion with those children who did not answer positively revealed that they didn’t feel safe because they fell over in the playground (11% in KS1) and the rest did not know how they felt.

Additional comments from children included:

  • I think it’s a very fun school.
  • I like playing at school.
  • We all look after the chickens – it’s fun!
  • Sometimes I feel like I have a lot of homework.
  • I’m too old for spellings. (KS1 child)
  • It’s really good and we want to try to get more people here. It’s a very fun place.
  • I like the school; nothing much else to say!
  • I would like more maths homework.
  • It’s fun being able to play with my brother.
  • I like playing with my friends.
  • More homework please!