The Den

Solar Systems

The Lions finished term one by creating their own baby mobile solar systems! The class worked in groups to paper mache, paint and construct their mobiles which have become a great decoration in our classroom!

In English, year 5 have started their persuasive writing by writing an advert to sell toothpaste! They performed these to each other trying to persuade the rest of the class to buy their product!

Visit From a Scientist!

Last week the lions had a visit from a physicist who taught us all about the planets and their distance from the sun! We had great fun outside marking out the distances converted to metres and then came inside to memorise the order of the planets and have a question and answer session.

Earth and Space

The lions kicked off our earth and space topic by discussing how and why shadows are created! We went outside on the hour every hour to measure our shadows and then made a link to our learning in maths by creating a table of data and a line graph of our findings! 


The Lions started of the year inventing some creative sequences of balances in gymnastics! In our next gymnastics lesson the children will be combining their sequences with each other’s and creating a longer balance sequence to music.  

Book Quest!

This year we have launched our book quest where the children can take a book out of the class library and tick it off their book quest list when they have finished! In the Lion’s den they can also add a piece of lego to their name on our ‘Lego of your imagination and read’ board! This picture shows the lions in our “drop it and read” session enjoying their new book quest book!