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Term 1 Week 6 Report by Ben and Matilda

Over the week, we did word problems with line graphs in maths. In English we wrote our persuasive letters about going to a made up planet in space for a school trip. In science we were learning about the phases of the moon. For art we had to scrape black paint off the card that revealed colours, we did this in the style of Piet Mondrian. In computing we learnt about Captain Robert Scott and about his journey to the South Pole.

Term 1 Week 7 Report by Oscar and Jessica. S

Last week of term 1 Reported by Oscar and Jessica S


On Monday we started to look at poems for a competition called rhyme craft and ours were about  going to space. We have been learning about earth and space in science so we had lots to write about.

On Tuesday we did mini matches of netball for PE. I was a goal defender and Jess was a goal shooter, it was really fun!

On Wednesday we started planing our poems. And in maths we looked at timetables and answered questions about them, this was quite tricky!

On Thursday we did  forest school in the rain. We made shelters and acorn people. Then we had hot chocolate to warm us up!

On Friday we dressed up as our class animal: eagle,lion,otter,bee,badger,rabbit or duckling.

Term 2 overview


Wow what a busy term we have had!

One of our highlights was doing dance, we have been re-enacting the battle of Lindisfarne. We split into two groups one was the Monks and the other was the Vikings. We did this to show what havoc the Vikings caused and how the monks protected their land and showed great courage protecting their families even though they had no chance of winning the battle. Another one of our favourites, is when we did science because we made parachutes, and showed that air resistance acts against the force of gravity because the air resistance pushes the parachute up causing it to stay in the air. We also made boats to see the effects of water resistance on objects and how we can make less water resistance act on it. Our successes criteria was to make a narrow point on the boat and a smooth curved body to make the boat streamline. Another one of our amazing topics was when we learnt about the Anglo-Saxon and Viking struggle. We started it by learning about the seven kingdoms and how they became unified then we started to learn about the Battle of Hastings which was when three kings all wanted to be king so they fought for the crown. In the end the rightful king died by being shot in the eye by an arrow and the other king got stabbed so William the Conquer became the final king and ended the struggle. Another topic we liked was maths! In maths we learnt about perimeter and area .We also learnt about multiplying numbers by hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands. In our fantastic English work we have been learning about the cobbler and the dragon and how the cobbler fought to marry the princess and how he showed courage to defeat the dragon that no-one else could defeat. We have also been looking at a discussion text and seeing some of the language they have used to make their point and we have been writing some of our own texts. In DT we are learning about what the Anglo-Saxons used for clothes decoration, we have been making our own Anglo-Saxon headbands and wristbands.

Hope you enjoyed reading our report about term 2!


By Maria and George

The Lions have been busy creating boats to investigate the effects of water resistance.