The Den

Term 6 Week 6

By Barcklay, Neave and Ella

On Wednesday we performed a play a Midsummer Night’s Dream, which involved four lovebirds who fought over each other. We thought it went really well. On Thursday, we visited Writhlington for a taster day and explored the school.  On Friday morning, we celebrated Awards assembly ,in the afternoon we had a family picnic along with an open afternoon for family .

Term 6 - Week 4

By Jack L and Jack R

This week the Lions have been practising (very hard) on the dance for the Midsummer Night’s Dream (our end of year performance) and we have practised it with the Eagles and rehearsed our songs. Also we painted –which are made out of Modroc-our masks we made for the performance.

In English, we have been writing a Non-Chronological report about Orangutans or Gibbons (we both did Gibbons) because in our story map –Kensukes Kingdom- there is an Orangutan called Tomodachi. Later we did maths we were converting Percentages, Fractions and Decimals.

Later on in the week on Friday, we had Sports day where we had an 800m race, a relay, 200m run and a round robin made up of 100m sprints, Cricket, Netball, Football, Hockey and Tennis.

Term 5 Week 5

By Jack L and Ed.

Hello this is Jack.L and Ed reporting our week at St Mary’s school, In Maths we did a HUGE fidget spinner experiment and me and Ed whizzed through quickly and it was VERY fun. Other than that, in Maths we have been doing one of our hardest subjects, Fractions. We have been multiplying and dividing and adding and subtracting fractions. However, in English, we and the rest of our class have been writing sonnets. These are poems about love. We are doing so because our end of the year performance is A Midsummer Nights Dream. This is a film all about love so it fits well with sonnets. Sonnets have to meet 3 requirements, 1 being that it has to be about love, 2 being that it needs 14 lines and for my 3rd and final thing, each line has no more or no less than 10 syllables. And the penultimate activity this week was tennis but not just any tennis game we made our own tennis game that we made the week before that because it was raining and that was very fun. Last but not least is topic and we were doing the great plains project and we are going to show it to the year3 today. Sadly, today was Paige and Leanna’s last day and that is about it BYE.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

By Miss Thorne

This term we have been studying A Midsummer Night’s dream as our story map. After our visit to The Globe in London for a workshop on the play, we have been learning and engaging with the story. We have written discussion and persuasion texts, we have had debates, completed some drama and re-written the ‘play within a play’ in modern English. We wrote love (and hate) letters and retold the story as newspaper articles. This week, we have been making plaster casts of our faces in order to make masks for our summer production of the Shakespearean play. We are hoping to paint these and wear them during term 6. We will also be writing problem/resolution stories this week to complete our scheme of work. Have a look below to see our learning in more detail…

Term 5 - Week 3

By Daisy T, Mason and Raymond

In science, we have been doing about puberty and old age. In old age, you lose your memory and if you don’t take care for your teeth, they fall out.

In English we have been doing about A Midsummer Night’s Dream and we have been learning about persuasion. One of the question’s was should Titania marry Nick Bottom?

In Art, we have been learning about an artist called Hockney and he paints pop up pictures.



Term 5 - Week 1

By Ed and Owen

WOW! What a jam packed weak we’ve had this weak we’ve done roman numerals and division in maths. In English, we have been doing a midsummer nights dream. We’ve done fact files about the great plains and the people who discovered them are Lewis and Clark and pretty cool because we got to use the computers. Penultimately, is science, we have been doing human timelines where we had to write from when you are in your mums tummy to when you’re dead. And to round things off, we have been doing tennis in P.E which was very FUN!

Term 4 Week 3

By Finley and Barclay

This week we have been adding and subtracting decimal in maths. In English, we planned our story, which has gods and people also it has animals .The gods create the earth. This week it has been Science Week. On Monday, we tried to make rockets but nobodies rocket flew. The next day (Thursday), we did fun science,  we made exploding lunch bags and  on Friday we made dancing raisins.


We had to experiment whether or not items floated or sank in tap water, then sparkling water. We had no idea the raisins would start dancing!

Term 4 Week 1

By Louise and Barnaby

This week , has been a brilliant week. This week we have been learning about length in meters cm and kilo meters. It’s been really good to learn about it so at home we can measure objects and tell our teacher  and we’ll be really good like some people.

This week, we have also had a really good story map about the Mayan  gods Tepeu and Gucumatz  .The story is about  the creation of the world and two gods making humans to worship them. We have really enjoyed it.

Our topic is also related to our story map it is about the Mayans, who were people who lived in Mexico. The temples are hidden in a forest. They played a game called pok-a-toc  which was to the death because if you lose your head gets chopped off.

Today, we are doing hockey in P.E with our teacher I’m sure it will be fun. ( Barnaby Thorp and Louise Smart .)

Term 3 Week 6 By Charlie and Paige

On a Friday Morning we cooked scones and in the afternoon we done some evaluating! We have had so much fun in science we were playing a game with baby photos that people brought in. So Miss Thorne put baby photos in random spots and we went around trying to guess which ones were who. In English we have been writing stories for different audiences some people had 6 year olds some had 10 year olds and 14 and others had 25 year olds. In maths we have been doing adding and taking away fractions with a different denominator, at first we all had no idea of what to do but over the days we all got the hang of what to do and now we are super at it!

Term 3 Week 5

By Jack L, Jude and Danny

This week we have done a lot of things at school. Such as drama, a very hard investigation and learning more and more every day about the secret garden. So  (Jack Lockyer Jude Pike and Danny Laceyford from y5) am going to tell you all about our week at school now. So all we have mainly done in English is practicing the story map in the mornings but for some of the week Miss Thorne decided to go a bit off topic and do a bit of poetry. We did repetition poems, repeating poems and even Haiku and Sonnets. Today we did lots and lots of drama. We were randomly put into groups and acted out a few scenes of the secret garden in freeze frames. If you don’t know briefly what happens in the story of the secret garden basically there is this girl named Mary Lennox and her parents don’t want her so she is raised by servants. In 1901 her parents and the servants who raised her died of a cholera disease. So in Misthlewhait manor there were more than2 people living in the house with her uncle Archabold Craven. But she met her long lost cousin Colin Craven who was VERY ill and sick and suffered from spinal disease. In the end they find a secret garden they all lived happily ever after. The end.

Term 3 Week 4

By Neave and Jack R

Wow-what an amazing week we’ve had in The Den. Firstly, the Lions had to find clues to the secret garden in their classroom. Then they started to plant some bulbs of Gladioli hopefully they’ll be successful. On Thursday, they played La Crosse with the amazing coach Mr Wilson, practicing La Crosse they were able to play a game called feed the seagulls .In maths on Friday they were reminded on how to use a protractor by measuring angels after maths we did English and wrote letters to Mary from Dickon (from The Secret Garden) to explain how to grow plants.

Term 3 Week 4

Term 4 - Week 5

By Ethan and Daisy R

WOW!!! What an amazing week we have had in the Den . All week in maths, we have been doing the  grid method , it is really hard but it is kind of easy . In English, we have been doing biographies . Biographies are pieces of writing that you write about someone else, and an autobiography is were you write about your self .We have also been writing our speeches about different  scientist for the Nobel prize . In science, we have done separating materials and using the words dissolve , solution and evaporation . In topic we have been doing the Mayan civilization and we have been looking at the different paintings and pictures .We have also been doing the cup song.

Term 2 - Week 1 by Ruby and Ella

What We Did All Week!

On Monday, we practiced our spellings doing speed writing, waiting for English .  After doing some fast spelling words, we did amazing fun English. We did something new. After we were settled  down, we got started. We learnt a new story map called the Mandarin ducks. The whole class loves this story. Then, we had assembly and 20 minutes of break. Next, we had maths. In maths, we did some translating. We had to shade and translate different shapes. After, we did guided reading for a couple of minutes.

This wee was also our first Forest Schools with Mrs Munro. We built a fire from scratch as well as a shelter and started trimming back the brambles around the pond. Some of us even made firework pictures with the lovely autumnal leaves, Thanks Mrs Munro, see you next week.

Term 1 - Week 7 by Kyle and Megan

Term 1 – Week 7

In these weeks we have been  doing a lot, and I mean a LOT of work. Here’s some examples: Bottle flipping , working with y6 for anti bulling week ,Christmas  cards and we also learnt about an explorer  called Ernest  Shackleton  who  traveled  around the globe.  Sport wise, we played netball, reading wise, we read War Horse and in maths we learned fractions as we dressed up as lions. In RE, we did posters of pictures our WALT was to understand why Christians and Hindus go on a pilgrimage.

Dress as a Lion/Mythbusting

Term 1 – Week 6

By Jake and Dylan

Term 1-Week 3


In the Den, we have been writing our persuasion texts on Monday and Tuesday, then learning about spelling homophones, using apostrophise, brackets and clauses, which are very tricky. In maths, the lions are focusing on fractions (equivalent and comparing).                                  We were trying to create collages of a village in India where Shiva (the god of life and death) is supposed to have lived. Rule: we had to only use ripped paper for our pictures!

Term 1 – Week 5

By Danny and Eloise

On Monday, we were paper-mâchéing balloons, which are going to represent planets for when we perform are presentations to the year 4s. In maths we have been learning about multiplication, such as 63×19,72×29.

This week in our Pole to Pole topic we learnt about Captain Robert Scott and his team of 8 people who were in a race to get to the South Pole. They got to the pole but Amundsen had beaten them. Scott’s team died on the way home.

In P.E we are doing netball. Today we had a class match, both teams scored but it didn’t count because not everyone got the ball.

Monday 3rd October - PLANET MAKING!

Term 1- Week 4 - By Olivia and Ethan

We are 4 weeks into school in our new classes.


Today (the 30th September) we have been drawing 3D shapes onto triangular paper, and yesterday we made 3-D shapes out of sticks and string, It was hard, but fun!


This week we have been looking at whether or not man landed on the moon. The majority of people, think they did but some don’t. Friday 30th sep was the day we read out our speeches that we had written the day before. We also wrote some newspaper articles on the Tuesday.


Our topic is Pole to pole. Recently, we had to pretend we were going to Finland, North pole to see the Aurora Borealis and we could only take 8 items to survive for 4 days.


Term 1 – Week 3

By Leanna and Darcie

This week in the Den we have been doing all sorts of exiting things. In Maths, we have been very busy adding and subtracting mentally. It was very easy when you used a number line but it was hard because we were not allowed to use column addition.

In English, we have been writing legend stories. We used lots of hard success criteria to make our legend stories perfect. On Wednesday, 13 of us went to have cycling lessons, we learned how to control our bikes ready for the road.

In R.E, we looked at lots of strange Hinduism religious objects. For each team there was a descriptor. They had to describe what the object was. We had no idea what it was. So we had to draw what we thought it was.

Science was out of this world. We were learning about Heliocentric and Geocentric models. We had a piece paper with famous space finders on. Then we had to act out their scene of finding out if the earth was the centre of the universe or the sun was the centre of the universe. Miss Thorne filmed it on the ipad.

Term 1 - Week 2 - By Daisy T and Jude

This week it was Roald Dahl Day and all the teachers dressed up as characters. So we made up a nice teacher and a bad teacher in English. We wrote descriptions of them and drew pictures of them. In Maths we did Roald Dahl related maths questions.

In Art, the Lions went outside and drew pictures of a tree but first looked at some of Piet Mondrian’s paintings. We draw the base of the tree in pencil first, then the rest in pen.