The Eyrie

Star Trail

We had a great time visiting St Mary’s Church for The Star Trail! We did a range of amazing activities from Christmas decoration craft; discussing how different people would value different presents; exploring the spiritual meaning behind the three wise mens’ gifts and much, much more!



Term 2

Term 2

We were extremely busy in term 2! We started the term by focusing on debate writing in English, where we discussed a controversial issue: Were the Bombings of Dresden justified? After learning all about WWII, we were in a good position to start answering some of the more challenging questions about this period in history. We had a class debate about the above question and we all had such strong opinions about it, it made sense to focus our writing for the term around it. We then moved on to do some poetry based on the powerful poem: Dulce et Decorum est. Along with the wonderful poetry, we also did a whole class performance of the poem to all of KS2.

We carried this history theme into our art work where we did a class project based on WWI and WWII remembrance. Below you can see some of our amazing art work which the class produced.

In science we learnt all about light! We did lots of different activities but two of our favourites were creating a diagram to show how light travels and using our knowledge of shadows to create some War inspired shadow art.


At PGL, we did a series of fun activities and had a lifetime’s worth of good memories in just a week. When we arrived, we were greeted with a gentle breeze and a cool spot of rain. Firstly, we were shown to our rooms and met our group leader Ve (Verity). We settled in and had our first meal, which everyone loved. Pudding was doughnuts. On our first night we slept well and began our amazing series of adventures, such as The Giant Swing, Climbing and tunnels… Here are some pictures of our amazing trip. Hope you enjoy!


By Magnus

PGL pictures