The Eyrie

Monday 26th June - Eagles Go EcoWild Mission #3: Somerset Coal Canal

Monday 19th June - Eagles Go EcoWild Mission #2: Sleight Farm

Monday 12th June - Eagles Go EcoWild Mission #1: Priston Valley

Monday 15th May - Making Modroc Masks

Friday 12th May - Saying Goodbye to Puff

Thursday 11th May - WELL DONE EAGLES

Today, the Eagles (and all the other Year 6 children in the country) completed their SATs. Our children have worked incredibly hard over the past weeks and months, and we’re sure that their tremendous efforts will have paid off with some great results in July. All of the adults that worked with the class during the test week and in the build-up to it have commented on the incredible focus, determination and maturity shown by all the children, so we want to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to each and every one of them.

Recipe for Heart-Healthy Chocolate Truffle Bites