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In french we made our own Franch cafe. We were ordering different pastries from other groups. Luckily, we were able to eat some of the food at the end.


Thanks Pascale for a great French lesson.

Happy New Year!

We have started term 3 by doing some gymnastics in PE. We are having a big focus this term in our PE lessons on the values respect and teamwork.

We are going to be working with partners to create balances together and provide positive feedback to each other on the gym positions we are in.

We are all looking forward to getting the large equipment out and testing our balance skills in there.

This term in Science we are looking at Electricity. We have been looking at what modern day appliances use electricity and whether they use batteries or mains power.

We then went on to create our own simple circuits and then finally made our own switches using pins and paper clips. Next week we will be starting our investigations.

This week, we have been really getting into our new topic of inventions.

We are learning a text called the Snoozeatron, which is a Wallace and Gromit cracking contraption.

We are learning this explanation text to enable us to write our own explanation text about our own cracking contraption.

In the picture you can see us using role play to help us act out and remember our text.

Over the last few weeks in Maths, we have been learning how to do the formal written method for addition and subtraction.

We came back from half term and had to create our own numbers to solve two calculations one addition and then one subtraction.

For the rest of this week, we are using the bar model to help us solve word problems.


Folly farm

Last week in Science, we did an invertebrate hunt around the school grounds. We searched high and low for different invertebrates and recorded down what we could find.

In English, we have now planned our own stories and are looking forward to writing them up this week to be able to share.

Three days left until Folly Farm, we can’t wait!

Last week, we really enjoyed our topic of the Tour of Britain. We got to do a variety of different activities from using Ipads to locate the counties the different stages took place in; to using the school bikes to have our own time trail. We finished the week in style with our cycle event on the school field.