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Useful Maths websites

These are two new websites that may be useful for practising maths at home.

This week, Otters class have been focusing their climate change project on recycling. We have specifically been looking at plastic pollution and what we can do as individuals to help. We watched some video clips of the BBC documentary ‘Drowning in Plastic’. The video was a powerful message to us about the risk of plastic to the planet and all its inhabitants. We then decided to go around Timsbury and do some litter picking to see what materials we could find.

Year 4 have been working hard over the last few weeks to produce some fantastic Art work based around the ‘Gospel’.

Using the concept of the ‘Big Frieze’ from understanding Christianity we have focused on the Art work created by Emma Yartlett. We have focused on the concept of the Gospel and created our own modern version  of a section of the ‘Big Frieze’.

Welcome back to term 4.

Half way through this school year already.

We have launched our new English text this term of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by doing some taste testing of chocolate and seeing if we can recognise which brand might be the most expensive. As you can imagine we all had great fun eating all the chocolate.

Bath University Multi Sports Trip

Our Greek History Project

In Science this term we are looking at ‘Sound’.

We have been exploring instruments to see how they make sound and how different instruments make different pitches of sound. We are using guitars, chime bars and recorders to see how they make a different sound at a different pitch.

This term our History Topic is the Ancient Greeks. We have been using the driver of Greek Olympians to inform our Dance for PE. We have looked closely at what sports happened in the Greek Olympics and then have used these to create a dance. We have danced in groups and pairs making chariots and battles together. As well as looking at working as an individual using slow motion and poses to build a dance to the music. By the end of the term we will have put all our ideas and patterns together to make a class dance.

Happy New Year!

We have started term three with a bang and have been straight back into our work. This term in Maths we are continuing with multiplication before moving on to division and finally fractions.

We started back today using counters to work out factors of numbers.

Some of our Cracking Contraptions- Thank you for all your hard work

Star Trail at the Church- Thank you to all that helped

In Science this term we are looking at electricity. We have looked at different electrical appliances and created our own simple circuits. We have then looked at the role of a switch in a circuit and experiment making our own switches. Here we have used card, a paper clip and drawing pics to make our own toggle switch.

In Maths, we are now looking at finding the perimeter of a shape. We started off by finding the perimeter of the netball court on the playground and then we moved back into the classroom to find the perimeter of some classroom objects. Here we are trying to work out the perimeter of a table.

Our English topic this term is the ‘Snoozeatron’.  It is an explanation text based around how the Wallace and Gromit invention the ‘Snoozeatron’ works. We will be learning the explanation text and then inventing our own Wallace and Gromit style inventions. We created short pieces of drama to help us remember our text. In this picture, the children are being the automatic tucking in device and are tucking in our very sleepy Wallace.

An amazing two days at Folly Farm

In Science this week, we have been looking at our local habitats and micro habitats that surround us. We have looked at the different invertebrates we could find in and around the school playground and also started to do a local habitat survey. We looked at the changes to our environment and how this can impact on living things. We then discussed different ways in which we can help animals and our environments.

In Science this term we are learning about ‘Living things and their Habitats’. We started by looking at what living things have in common and then began to group some living things such as animals and plants. We then looked at vertebrates and invertebrates. This week we looked at classifying vertebrates by first sorting them into mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians. In this picture we are working in small groups to classify different animals. Next we we will be looking closer at invertebrates and going on an invertebrate hunt around school.