The Pond

Welcome to the Pond!

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Odd Socks Day

Ducklings have been thinking about Anti-bullying Week. We chatted about what bullying is, how we can ‘be the change’ and make the right choices and what to do if you see someone being bullied. We know all about being a kind friend, including others in our games and sharing a smile. We also listened to the song ‘Choose Respect’ by Andy and the Odd Socks – please take a look on YouTube!

Check out our vibrant and unique odd socks!

A visit from a vet

A vet came to visit Ducklings class this week to tell us about her special job. She showed us pictures and brought in items for us to look at. We listened well and asked questions to find out more. Some of us had a go at putting bandages and plasters on some of our cuddly toys to make them feel better.

Calm Bottles

Look at our calm bottles we have made! We filled a bottle with water and our own choice of coloured glitter and sequins to make our own calm bottles. We talked about how they could help us if we felt cross, upset or even excited. When we give them a shake, we watch closely until all of the glitter and sequins sink to the bottom.

Funky Fingers

We have been enjoying developing our fine motor skills in Funky Fingers this term. Have a look at some of the activities we have been practising!

Our first few days in The Pond

Our Proud Cloud display is located outside our classroom door and is for children, teachers, parents and carers to use to show achievements. Children can tell an adult what they are proud of or adults may choose to write something that they have seen children doing, either at home or school, that they are proud of. Please do contribute to our display – There are paper clouds to write on next to the display board.

The Ducklings have been settling in to school life brilliantly so far. They have been making new friends, taking turns with resources, using their listening ears to follow instructions and having lots of fun exploring The Pond.

Your teachers are really proud of you for coming in to school with big smiles on your faces – well done!