The Pond

Welcome to Ducklings Class!

Ducklings, you have amazed us this week. I have been so impressed with how well you have settled back in to school after the long break – you are all super stars!
We are all missing our friends in the ‘bubble next door’, but we have been making sure we keep in touch in new and creative ways.
Today, both groups decorated a letter that contributed to a big banner that we displayed outdoors. The messages read, “We miss you” and “See you soon”. Although we continue to miss each other, the task made us feel happy, knowing that we were thinking about each other. Next week, we plan to create video messages to each other and watch them on our big classroom screens.

Term 5 Week 5 WB: 18.05.20 Minibeast Art Home Learning Challenge

Term 5 Week 5 WB: 18.05.20 The Very Busy Spider Activities

Term 5 Week 4 WB: 11.05.20 The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities

White Rose Maths resources with videos to support (Term 5 Week 4 Week beginning: 11.05.2020) -

Term 5 Week 3 WB: 04.05.20 'Signs of Spring' Science Home Learning Challenge

Term 5 Week 3 WB: 04.05.20 The Night Pirates Activities

White Rose Maths resources with videos to support (Term 5 Week 3 Week beginning: 04.05.2020) -

Term 5 Week 2 WB: 27.04.20 PSHE

Term 5 Week 2 WB: 27.04.20 Supertato Activities

White Rose Maths resources with videos to support (Term 5 Week 2 Week beginning: 2.04.2020) -

'A Blast from the Past' History Home Learning Challenge

PSHE - Harold the Giraffe's Daily Diary

Copy and paste this link into your internet browser and scroll down to read about what Harold has been up to at home over the past few weeks.

Can you complete some of the activities that Harold suggests?

World Book Day!

We loved wearing our favourite character costumes for World Book Day today!

We re-visited lots of the stories we have learnt so far in Reception by playing with story puppets and following story maps.During wet play time, we sat in our circle and shared a book with our friends whilst drinking our milk and eating our fruit.We also took part in our whole school book spine competition. We carefully decorated a book spine with our favourite book in mind. We can’t wait to see who the winners will be!


R.E. Meets Art

Reception have worked as a team to create an amazing masterpiece based around the story of Creation. We based our artwork on an element of ‘The Big Frieze’ which is a work by Emma Yartlett. We talked about the different elements of Creation and then had our own sections to focus on.


Internet Safety

On Tuesday, it was Safer Internet Day. We listened to ‘The Adventures of Smartie the Penguin’ and helped him to make the right choices on the internet. Some of the problems he encountered included unwanted pop-ups, viewing the same content as an older sibling and reading unkind messages when gaming. We learnt a rhyme to help us remember to ask for help and never try and sort it by ourselves. “Before you tap and click click click, you need to stop and think think think and…tell someone!”

Exploring ice!

R.E. - Why are some times special?

Ducklings have been thinking about special times that we celebrate. We looked at different objects that represent different celebrations or events in our lives (A birthday cake, baby clothes, a wedding veil, a bucket and spade, Jesus in the manger). Our favourite celebration that we talked about was our birthday, as well as Christmas time when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Making Bird Feeders

We used cardboard tubes, bird seed and peanut butter to make some bird feeders. We are looking at the season of Winter this term and we decided that some animals find it difficult to find food in the cold weather. We hope the birds like them!

Carrot Soup

We listened to the story of Carrot Soup by John Segal – a tale of a rabbit who planted some carrot seeds only to discover that somebody had stolen them! In actual fact, the ‘thieves’ are rabbit’s friends who secretly took the carrots to make soup for rabbit as a surprise for his birthday. We then thought it would be kind to make our own carrot soup for Rabbit Class as a way of giving thanks for all their help in the nativity performance. (We kept it as a surprise, just like the story!)

First, we read through the recipe so we knew what ingredients and equipment we would need. Then all washed our hands thoroughly with soap. We then worked in our mini-beast groups to peel and chop the carrots before adding them to the slow-cooker, along with the garlic cloves, onion, vegetable stock and a pinch of black pepper. We had a feel and a smell of each ingredient – some children thought the onion smelt spicy! We then had to be patient and wait for 3 hours for it to cook! Once the vegetables had softened, we then watched Miss Leach use a hand blender to make the mixture smooth. After that, we had a chance to taste our soup that we had made – it was delicious!

Finally, we invited the Rabbits down to our classroom and SURPRISE, they saw the carrot soup waiting for them on the tables. They were very grateful – some even went back for seconds!

We have really enjoyed cooking today! What will we make next?

Odd Socks Day

Ducklings have been thinking about Anti-bullying Week.

We chatted about what bullying is, how we can ‘be the change’ and make the right choices and what to do if you see someone being bullied.

We know all about being a kind friend, including others in our games and sharing a smile. We also listened to the song ‘Choose Respect’ by Andy and the Odd Socks – please take a look on YouTube!

Check out our vibrant and unique odd socks!

A visit from a vet

A vet came to visit Ducklings class this week to tell us about her special job. She showed us pictures and brought in items for us to look at. We listened well and asked questions to find out more. Some of us had a go at putting bandages and plasters on some of our cuddly toys to make them feel better.

The Ducklings have been settling in to school life brilliantly so far. They have been making new friends, taking turns with resources, using their listening ears to follow instructions and having lots of fun exploring The Pond.

Your teachers are really proud of you for coming in to school with big smiles on your faces – well done!