The Pond

Forest School week 2 - nest building, pond dipping, mud painting, popcorn and an Easter egg hunt to finish!

Forest School

The children and adults had a fantastic morning at Forest School. They learnt all about the woods and the rules in the woods and then had the chance to choose from a variety of activities. Some children enjoyed making ‘stick man’ and magic wands, whilst others made protective shelters for forest animals. They also loved helping to dig, in the hope that next week we will plant some seeds.

One of our favourite activities was helping to start a fire and toasting marshmallows! Delicious!

We have had a very exciting week in The Pond this week for Science week. The children have really enjoyed the experiments we have investigated and have made some fantastic predictions.

To start the week we made salt crystals and took the idea from Digby’s Learning log challenge which he was thrilled about! We videoed the salt dissolving in the boiling water for the children to watch and talked about making a saturated solution. The children have loved watching the crystals appear!

After discovering bicarbonate of soda and vinega bubbling in a volcano a few weeks ago, the children were interested in what happens with bicarbonate of soda with other liquids. We used the word ‘reaction’ and talked about what it meant and then put milk orange juice and water out and they predicted what they thought might happen. They were surprised to find out there was no reaction with the milk and water but some bubbling with the orange juice.

Lastly, we explored how absorbent different materials were. The children used food colouring to test materials such as paper, paper towel, tissues and toilet roll and noticed what happened when they used pipettes to drop food colouring on them. They also loved mixing the colours!

As well as all of this exciting Science, the children have enjoyed making their own salt dough and have had lots of fun choosing challenges!

Another busy week in the Pond…

The children have become more confident being Ducklings this week and have really enjoyed eating lunch at School. They have been practising to eat with their knives and forks, put their hand up before eating their pudding and clearing off their trays.

We have also been going out to play with the rabbits and badgers so we have been getting used to sharing the play ground with lots of other noisy children!


This week we have started teaching the children some sounds in order for them to start to learn to read and write. We have focussed on the sounds ‘s’ ‘a’ ‘t’ ‘p’ and ‘i’ this week and we have been learning to say the sounds in the shortest form. For example, ‘s’ is ssssssss, instead of suh.

Look out for some phonics workshops which will be coming up soon where you will be able to see teachers in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 teach the sounds so you are able to practise at home.

Home learning

When your child has done something great at home, whether this is put their own shoes on or helped you or somebody else, please take a petal from the notice board just outside the classroom door, write what they did and ask your child to decorate it so we can stick it up on our ‘WOW’ board in the classroom.

Please could the children bring in their wellies and if you have any waterproof trousers at home that they could use at School it would be really helpful so they can start to help us dig out some plants ready for our digging pit.

This week we are focusing on counting and making sure we move each object as we count. We are also practising to recognise numerals to 10 and beyond.

In phonics we are learning the sounds n, m, d, g, and o.

Welcome to ‘The Pond ’ !

What a super start the children have made on their first few days in ‘The Pond’. I love that they all are so happy and bringing a great big smile to School each day. It is great to see so many children independently finding their peg and hanging their own things up already.

This term we are really focusing on building friendships with each other and ensuring the children know the rules and routines within the classroom and around the School.

So far we have been teaching the children how to independently use different areas of the classroom and outdoor area. They have absolutely loved the new Outdoor space and we are already so impressed with how creative they have been with the resources.

A contact book has been placed inside your child’s book bag. This is a means of communication between you and us, but please make sure we know there is a message in the book at drop off time.

Please can your child bring in wellies that can stay in School to use in our lovely outdoor area.

On Wednesday 14th September, your child will bring home a reading book. To begin with, this will just be a picture book which you and your child can sit and have a look at together. Please encourage your child to hold the book and turn the pages themselves so they take ownership of reading.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do come and see me. There is a chance for you to drop in to discuss anything on Friday 23rd September from 1:15pm, but please come and book an appointment with me if you would like to do so. We are looking forward to the Ducklings staying for lunch next week!