The Pond

Welcome to the pond!

A visit from Betty the tourtoise!

Badgers as our mystery readers!

we are learning about jungle animals and we met one... a snake!

A visit from a veterinary nurse!

Being firefighters!

Our trip to folly farm!

A visit from a Police Officer


Life education van

Trying healthy fruit

Inspiration runner Jim Gump came to visit us


Forest school

A very busy spring term!

The science fair!

Learning about our sense of taste

We are looking after some eggs and waiting to see what hatches!

The children are loving their gymnastics lessons

Our science project

Some fairies came to visit us so we made them fairy houses

Blast off!

Our Christmas party

The children have been learning all about dinosaurs this week. They have measured how many children would fit on a T-Rex’s tail, made their own dinosaur islands, made footprints in the play dough and made some dinosaur caves!

This week the children found a crime scene in our outdoor area. They solved the mystery that the evil pea had been up to no good trapping the vegetables and playing tricks on them. They worked together with Supertato to free the veggies!

But oh no! The veggies revolted against the evil pea and trapped him and his family in some poisonous jelly! The children showed the vegetables how to be kind and freed all the peas really carefully without touching the jelly.

The evil pea has been up to no good once more. He has frozen some keys in the ice and locked supertato in the chest! The children worked really hard to get the keys out of the ice and worked out which keys opened the chest to save supertato.

Well done Ducklings!

A very busy Term 1!

Another busy week here; we have been learning all about listening to each other, words that rhyme, practising our counting and so much more!

Take a look at our pictures to see what we have been doing.

Welcome to the Pond!

What a busy first few days the children have had here!

The children are coming in very confidently with lovely smiles and are settling down very quickly. It is great to see them starting to be independent with hanging their things on their pegs already.

The children have been really enjoying learning to use the different areas of the classroom and our outdoor area and they are getting really good at practising the rules and routines of the school day.

Your child has been given a pink contact book which is a means of communication between you and us, but please make sure that we know if there is a message at drop off time.

If your child has a pair of wellies please could they bring them in so that they can use them in our outdoor area.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do come and speak to me. There is a chance to drop in to see me on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st between 2-3, but please come and make an appointment with me if you would like to do so.