The Sett


Our new project is superheroes!

This week we have started designing our own superhero capes.

Digby was really proud of his. He coloured it in really carefully.

We ended the week with some superhero themed dancing where year 2 were very creative! Well done!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Riddell

Oh no! An Evil Pea!

This week we were soooo shocked because our classroom was completely messed up by some evil peas! While we were outside playing, the peas escaped from the freezer and threw pens on the floor, knocked over chairs and made all of the maths equipment go flying across the classroom!

Badgers class, after getting over the shock, tidied up the classroom and Macey took the peas back to the freezer where they belong!

After that, Badger’s wrote some brilliant recounts of what had happened.

I apologize for any year 2s who now don’t like eating their peas because of this! It is linked to our key text this term which is Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.

I will put a copy of the text we are learning in the files.

Miss Riddell

Tour of Britain comes to Timsbury

Welcome back Badgers and thank you for making my first week at St Mary’s so lovely!

We have had such an exciting start with the Tour of Britain passing through Timsbury on Tuesday.

Badgers have been really busy learning about how to read maps and how to use a key. They have successfully plotted the Stage 2 route of the Tour of Britain and added other important land marks to a map of Devon.

They have also worked as a class team to write a fantastic senses poem all about the tour.

Tour of Britain Poem

 Engines roaring like lions

 The smell of the new tarmac road drifting through the thin air

 Police cars beeping loudly like fireworks

 White and blue smooth safety tape like soft guinea pigs

 Cheering people as noisy as excited elephants

 Speedy colourful cyclists passing as fast as a spotted cheaters

 Children chanting like friendly dinosaurs

 Fast speeding motor bikes like rockets around the bend

 Different coloured cars zooming past like rainbow parrots

 Loud clapping like a rumbling tummy

 Squeaking chains like little mice

 By Badgers Class


Thank you for all your hard work!


Miss Riddell