The Warren

Week 2

Wow- what an incredible start the Rabbits have made in ‘The Warren’!

I have been so impressed with how the children have come into School, put their things away and settled.

We are all getting used to slightly more adult directed tasks in Year One and I feel the children are really enjoying being that little bit more ‘grown up’ and having more of a structure. They are certainly meeting all expectations at the moment.

Well done Rabbits, keep working just as you are!


Forest School week 2

Forest School -week 3

Today we practised turning the laptops on, using CTRL, ALT, DEL to login and even managed to get on paint. The children were amazing at following instructions carefully and sharing and taking turns to ensure they all managed to have a go.

What great preparation for looking at instructions next week in English! Well done Rabbits!imageimageimageimageimage

We are exploring instructions in ‘The Warren’ and are looking at how to look after a rabbit.

For our exciting start, we had some visitors come in with their pets and they talked to the class about how they care for them.

We found out lots of important information about their animals and used this to go and write about what their animals needed.

Here are some pictures of the children enjoying the animals!image image image image image image

Forest School -week 4

On Friday we had Eleanor’s pony come to School and the children enjoyed listening about how she cares for him.

Thank you to all Parents who were able to bring their animals in!

Forest school - week 5

Amazing partitioning from the Rabbits, using the part part whole model.

Adorable rabbits