The Warren

Avon Valley

We went to Avon Valley Country Park. When we arrived we went on a wild walk to find plants and animals. We seen lots of different animals including donkeys, goats, deer and many more. We planted seeds and watered them and talked about how a plant grows. We got to see a goat being fed. We went pond dipping and found lots of different creatures that live in ponds. Some of us found some tadpoles.

Position and direction

In maths this term we have been looking at position and direction. We have been looking at quarter turns, half turns, three quarter turns and whole turns.

Year 1 does "La Chenille qui fait des trous"

In French this term, Year 1 looked at the story of ” La Chenille qui fait des trous” from Eric Carle.

They enjoyed creating their own version by drawing beautiful pictures, whilst Ben was writing the whole story in French!!

Excellent les Lapins!!



In maths we have been looking at counting backwards and subtraction. We have been practicing using the number line.

Non chronological report

In English we have been looking at non chronological reports.

We worked in groups and had to find out about an animal using books, non chronological reports and ipads. We then created a poster with all our facts on and presented this to the rest of the class.


During PE we have been looking at different types of jumps.

We have practiced:

Tuck jump, pike jump, straddle jump and star jump.

We have also been looking at the arch and dish pose.

Writing an algorithm

We have been using Bee Bots.

We have been learning how to write an algorithm. We talked about direction (quarter turn and half turn) and ordering (first, then and next).  We used whiteboards to write a numeral and then programmed the Bee Bot to make the number.