Healthy Living Week!


IMG_1059IMG_1048IMG_1045IMG_1049IMG_1043IMG_1064This week, the Ducklings have really enjoyed doing lots of Healthy Living week. To start the mini topic off, we made delicious banana balls which most of the children really enjoyed.We felt so proud of everybody for having a try! We talked about the healthy ingredients them and the importance of eating healthy foods.
On Wednesday the Ducklings designed their own obstacle course in PE. We got some equipment out for them to use and they thought about how it could be used. We had ideas such as rolling quoits into a goal, kicking large balls to each other and jumping off the horse and landing appropriately. The children were able to say why exercise is good for and what changes they could feel happening to their bodies.
In Challenge time the children have had the challenge to make their own healthy plate of food and label what they have drawn. The funky fingers challenge this week has been to cut up some fruit and eat it so we have been continuing to learn how to cut up food.
The Ducklings really enjoyed the Life Education Bus today where they thought about different ways to stay healthy and clean.
What a super week we have been having!
P.S The recipe for the Healthy Banana Balls are also attached! Enjoy!