Our Vision

St. Mary’s is a fully inclusive school which is committed to providing a relevant and high quality education for all children living in the area.  We currently hold the Bath and North East Somerset Inclusion Quality Mark in recognition of this.  The school’s ethos and culture (founded on Christian values) serve to celebrate difference and diversity and create a climate in which everyone knows themselves to be valued for their distinct and individual skills, attributes and resources. We aim to engender a sense of community and belonging and to offer new and exciting opportunities to all learners.

As a learning community we aspire to INSPIRE, CHALLENGE and ENERGISE.  The education we provide is shaped by our belief that:

  • we learn from what we experience along with what we study;
  • great teaching makes the curriculum motivational and relevant to children’s lives;
  • there must be room for excitement, reflection, creativity and play;
  • experiences are deeper and more profound when links are developed to extend opportunity and the work of the school.

To help achieve our vision we aim to provide an environment where children:

  • have direct input into their own learning, and work with teachers to create meaningful learning experiences that motivate, excite and challenge;
  •  are supported in working to the best of their ability and achieving their full potential;
  • develop high self-esteem alongside respect for others and for their environment;
  • develop a sense of global citizenship within an ever-changing, multi-cultural world;
  • develop their own spiritual awareness and an appreciation of the faith and values of others within the context of the Christian values of the school.