Our Church School

“Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart”

Like St Mary we are a warm, nurturing safe place for the children who attend our school.

We are an inclusive school that welcomes children of all faiths and none. We celebrate difference and diversity, and all individuals are valued.

We seek to inspire a lifelong love of learning, through nurturing all abilities, enabling every student to prosper and fulfil their potential.

We are at the heart of Timsbury village, serving local families, but we also reach out to collaborate with our partners in the wider educational community.

We are proud we share our patron saint with our parish church and we have an excellent relationship with our church.

This is a school that cares passionately about our environment, protecting God’s creation, and all decisions we make are made with that in mind.


Core Values

Our 6 core Christian values, stemming directly from our vision and St Mary are:


Koinonia (Community)






St Mary's School Prayer

Dear God

Thank you for our school and everyone within it.

In the spirit of St Mary, teach us to show compassion and tell the truth.

Give us courage and creativity to learn and grow.

Help us to give service to our community.


Collective Worship

We hold a daily worship which is broadly Christian in character and comprises of a song or hymn, a prayer or a period of contemplation, and a Bible (or other relevant) story which serves to illustrate the values we are trying to promote.

These may be conducted by the Headteacher, a member of staff, the children or sometimes a visiting speaker.

On Fridays, we have a whole school worship, to share and celebrate the week. At the end of every term, we hold an ‘Awards Assembly’, where parents/family members join us to celebrate the term’s successes and share examples of work  / class performances.

We visit St Mary’s church throughout the year at the major Christian festivals, and to hold special services e.g. Year 6 leavers. Reverend Blewett (and Burt the puppet!) come into school to take collective worship once a month.

Our Collective Worship timetable is as follows:

Monday: Whole School Worship led by the Headteacher on our Christian value of the term

Tuesday: Whole School Worship led by the Deputy Headteacher on our Christian value of the term

Wednesday: Singing Worship

Thursday: Class Worship

Friday: Whole School Celebration Worship

Understanding Christianity

In Religious Education, we use a resource called ‘Understanding Christianity’, which enables pupils to know about and understand Christianity as a living world faith, by exploring core theological concepts.

Children learn about the ‘big story’, which takes them through the core concepts of God, Creation, Fall, People of God, Incarnation, Gospel, Salvation and the Kingdom of God.

To launch the use of this resource, each class from EYFS to Year 6 took a concept, and basing their work on the original artwork by Emma Yarlett, produced a class image to best display this concept, often incorporating aspects from our local community. The finished pieces were stunning and are on show in school.

Term 4 Value - Courage - Ideas for Home Learning


Thank you so much to the whole school community for your generous contribution to the St Mary’s Church Harvest Thanksgiving on Sunday 11th October.

Your gifts will be passed on to the Dairy House Hostel for rural homeless in Stratton on the Fosse and to Southside Family Support in Twerton.

Worship Champions

In school, one child in every class is nominated as the ‘Worship Champion’ each week. Their job is to make a record of all the learning that has taken place during worship time, in order to create a whole class record over the year.

Different Representations of Mary

Some classes have looked at different cultural representations of Mary. They’ve then had a go at making their own images of Mary, with wonderful results!